In the absence of silence

First time I saw you I thought you look pretty handsome but I was sure I am not good enough for you. I was the can where you put the most toxic and dangerous substances, because, in my past, I’ve burned down everything good that ever happened to me.

No one ever fought for me.

No one wants to save a wreck.

No one tries.

There were moments when I felt inside of my body a huge desire to get the fuck out of this world because I’ve never had the feeling of belonging somewhere. It is hard to explain to people who were never a mess that you don’t have a place to call “home”. I didn’t. Until the day I’ve met you.

It was the first time in my life when I understood what HOME means. It is not defined by 4 walls and a roof, not by a cozy sofa or a warm chimney. Not by a huge garden or by a little dog waiting for you in front of the door. It is that person who makes you feel safe, loved, who appreciates you at your true value, who offers you support every time you need.

Thank you.

Thank you for teaching me how to be better, how to take decisions for my own, how to stop accepting in my life people who are treating me like shit. Thank you for showing me that I deserve more, that it could be better only if I believe in it.

Thank you for making me forget the past and focus on my present and our future. Because of you – I’ve felt the urge to make my life have a meaning again, forever.

In the absence of silence, I promise to keep you away from the chaos I lived in.






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