From the days in Hell

‘ I am not ordinary.
From the chaos I feed my soul and my mind
Ripping off others lives only to keep my sanity.
I never knew how it feels to fascinate people
Or to have a family.
I’ve learned in twenty years of poison
That bad things happen for a reason.
But what could you do when all the chaos
Turns against you
And ruins every particle of your life?
There is so much destruction I can gather
Between my flesh and bones
But there are some things a human’s soul cannot handle.
When the guy who asks you to marry him
Loses his memory three hours later
And the ones who theoretically love him the most
Ask you to disappear from their life
You don’t feel pain, you don’t feel relief
You feel nothing.
But when two days later they desperately search for you
Because you are the only one who can save him
They find nothing.
What three days before was a human
Now transformed into a stone
And crashed from one hundred miles height
Into water and drowned.
I am not a human anymore.
You cannot drag me through Hell
And expect me to still have emotions.

I often think about myself as an error
Stuck between words of the most important prophecy
The one that people will never understand.
Neither do I.



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