” I never loved myself this much”

I’ve lost my soul trying to recover my mind
and my body became a cage
for those who never knew how to
love me back properly.
I am hiding between walls of ice
surrounded by circles of fire
in the middle of a graveyard
that I’ve built for my memories.
I don’t have demons to control me
but I do have fears which devour me
piece by piece.
in the day I met you, I had this terrible feeling
about you, being my weakness,
but I thought it was just fear of falling
or fear of feeling.

there was this annoying and powerful voice
inside of my head, screaming that everything about you
is so god damn wrong but it feels so right.
I don’t want to make you my personal God
I don’t want to make you my slave
I don’t want to fight for you
because it would be my last fight.
I want you to stop looking at me
like I was born between the paintings
and crying sculptures.
I was born from hatred in the middle of a Hell
and it felt almost as real as an earthquake.
I don’t need mercy, I don’t need someone
to play with my mind

I want someone who can understand that
I’ve created myself from nothingness
And now I am a work of art.

Please, take care of me.



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