“Some things are better left unsaid.”


          There are some moments in life when everything depends on what words come out when you open your mouth. Sometimes you lie, sometimes you tell a part of the truth, but you always keep hidden some powerful phrases inside of your mind, like a prisoner in a cage of ice. This is a part of my confession.

” I wish I could forgive myself for those suicide attempts because of you. You deserve nothing. I want you to go to Heaven because I don’t want to see you again in Hell.”

” I am sorry I was not there in the last seconds of your life. “

” You have no idea how painful is to feel a strong spiritual connection with someone who does not feel anything at all.”

” You didn’t raised me. I survived by myself. You were a shitty parent. You ruined me and gave me money – to pay my therapist. Thank you.”

” I know you just want to fuck me. Do it. But don’t tell me that we will be together after that, because I know you are searching for something else. “

” When we were together but in different countries, I felt loved and important. When you came back and sit next to me, I felt crashed and scared.”

” You hurt me 5 years ago and, because of you, I started writing. Thank you, M.”

” My only regret is that I gave up on you and hurt you badly when you deserved only love.”

” I do want to spend my life with you but, most certainly, I will not.”

” You have no right to tell me what is best for me when you cheated your wife and had a kid with another woman.”

” I’d rather kill myself than marry you.”

” What I felt for you was not love, was not hate, was something undefined and constant on the line between them. I cannot explain it but I tried.”

” I miss you, but not in the way other people miss the one they love. You are like a ghost now and this is how I keep you alive.”

” Forgive me for not being there to protect you. “



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