What I’ve learned in 20 years.


After 20 years full of adventures, depression and sessions of self-destruction, I have learned a lot about people and also, about myself.

1. Your parents are the ones who gave you life, not the ones who control you, not the ones who have life or death rights over you. This is the common mistake parents do. “I made you, I’ll kill you”, as an old “quote” says.

“No. You gave me life, I created myself from piece to piece and educated myself to be who I am today. I am myself before anyone else’s. You have no right to tell me what to do or treat me as a slave only because I’m living in your house. I will not accept your bullshit only because you are older, you give me money and you are my mother/father.”

2. I have a lot of friends and I had the opportunity to meet a lot of people very well. From this amount of personalities, I had some positive connections with some of them. Now, they are “my best friends”, literally they are the family I never had.
They taught me what affection means and how it feels to love and to be loved, in the most pure sense of this word. They always listened and understood and helped me to get up when I was down. I don’t believe in God and Heaven but they are my angels.
It is important to have next to you people who love you, people on whom you could count. They make your life easier. But, choose wisely.

3. I have learned that all the people are mean by their nature. Some of them are constant in evilness, some of them are trying to be good persons. I am a bad person who, sometimes, makes good things for other people.
If you want to survive in this world you must be selfish, you must put yourself on the first place every fucking time, you must do what is good for you, not for the others.

4. All my relationship were life lessons. It is more important what you learn from it not with who it was, not how it ended, not how much do you suffer.
Every break-up is a new chance to know yourself better, to become stronger, to learn more about people. Learn to love yourself more than you love the others, because, in the end, all it matters it’s you.

One of my favorite quotes is “If you’re going through Hell, keep going.”

– Winston Churchill



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