“Nothing good comes from happiness”

I stopped  going to therapy
Because I knew my therapist was wrong
And I wanted to keep being right.
When I first came to her, I said
“I am my own savior. I pay you
To listen and to understand.
I know you will try to save me from myself
But what if I don’t want to be saved?”
During one of our sessions, I was anticipating
Every question she had for me
And answered, in a blink of an eye,
Then she came into a brain-crash.
She told me I am better than she will ever be
In working with people’s minds.
I laughed.
And that was the moment I left.
I wanted to keep my sickest addictions
Even if they ruined my sanity.
I didn’t want to be healed
Because no good art comes from
“I feel all right.”
I like poetry more than therapy.
My work never judges me if I drink too much
If I smoke too much, if I sleep too much
If I cry too much.
After many ups and downs
I have learned that
I am not bipolar
I’m just surrounded by so many
Bipolar people.



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