“In The Absence Of Everything, I Promise To Keep You Warm”


Each time I saw you I had those goosebumps
And a voice inside of my head
Telling me to stay away
Because if your eyes stared at me
they would’ve sucked me in like black holes.
Sometimes, when I look at the stars
I remeber how I fell endlessly in love
with you, repeatedly.
Each time I see your face
my pupils open widely
And a lot of light enters into my body
and melts my internal organs.
You were a bloody monster
Playing with people’s lives
Drinking blood mixed with alcohol.
I adored you because you were brave
you took the risk of descovering
my deepest darkest secrets
and you loved me as I was.
I’m just looking for the machine you left behind
But I only see myself
Sleeping inside of your chest
Writing meaningless phrases
Praying you’ll come back.
You got mad when you shouldn’t have
And I got scared by the idea
You might hurt me more than you did.

There are reasons that I can’t stay away from you
Because nothing good comes from being gone




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