I’ve seen that you’re popular.

I’d like to ask you something.
What have you done to be that popular? Are you an artist? Are you  writer? Are you a scientist? Are you a genius? Are you helping poor people in your free-time ? Are you doing something for our community ?
I guess the answer is mostly ,,No”.
Let me ask you something else. How many half-naked pictures have you posted on facebook for likes? How many boys have you fucked? How much are you willing to pay for popularity? I guess the answer is: A LOT.
You can take your popularity and shove it in your photoshopped ass.
I strongly believe that popularity is a piece of shit. People who contribute with their work to this community, country, world should be ,, popular “, should be known by the entire world because they deserve respect. They are an example for the rest of us.
Therefore, excuse me, bitch, nice titts but in 5 years those will look like shit and the only example you give is for ,,wanna-be sluts”.
Do porn. At least it’s paid.

4 thoughts on “I’ve seen that you’re popular.

  1. That kind of bitches don’t read blogs(they don’t even know how to lol), therefore your article is pretty useless.Sorry :(. But maybe your audience will be pleased by the way in which you take off your frustrations


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