Humans vs. robots

School teaches us who was our greatest writer and about his work, but not about his life or personality.

      It teaches us about others’s history, when we have no idea about OUR PAST. It teaches us about other countries which ,,maybe you’ll visit”, when we don’t know how our country looks like.

It teaches us about integrals and derivatives and we might never use those BUT YOU HAVE TO THINK AS A COMPUTER, as my Computer Science teacher used to say. In an era full of computers, the LAST thing I want to do is to became one.
It teaches you that racism is not good and that we’re all equals, but if you have in your class a boy/girl who has other nationality or race, you learn that racism is a way of living.
School teaches you that you must help the others and be good, but if you want to help your desk mate during an useless test paper, you both are punished. Fuck logic, right ?
School teaches you theories about ,,How the humans appeared on Earth” but you have no idea which is the closest to the truth.
I do believe school teaches you 40% of the things you must know before you end your studies.

This is just S A D.

School doesn’t teach you how to cry, how to laugh, how to ask a boy/girl out, how to say ,,I miss you”, what it feels like when you’re in pain or in love, how to make friends, how to fight with enemies,


School doesn’t make humans, it makes robots.

Who or what you choose to be?


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